Autumn:Getting Corked

Autumn:Getting Corked

Autumn-Jade is like a fine wine. With every taste, she just gets better. Wait a minute! Are we talkin' bout Autumn-Jade here? "Well, I do like wine a whole bunch. When I'm with my friends we like to go for picnics with wine and cheese and we have a real good time." So is Miss Autumn an oenophile? "Honey, don't you go usin' those twenty-dollar words! I like wine and that's that." Well, when we had the chance to photograph Autumn in this wonderful wine cellar, she just popped her cork. This is vintage A-J, her fabulous floppers, award-winning ass and lickable legs displayed as only she can. And wouldntcha know it, we had Mr. Dildo along for the ride. Autumn was only too happy to show us the proper technique for putting the cork back in the bottle. "Don't just shove it in," she said as Mr. Dildo disappeared into her juicy slit, "Make sure you slide it in nice and slow so it stays in there." Autumn, here's a toast to you!
Featuring: Autumn-Jade
Date: September 8th, 2023
Photos: 64

Member Comments

Photos 10, 15, 21, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, and 46 are my favorites.
Her distinctive pussy outline is showing.
The central, impressively deep and long pussy cleft formed by the voluptuous and plump bilateral major labia(outer lips). In this series, part of the inner lips (minor labia) is exposed through the pussy crack.
Photo 10, with her panties nearly down, is more erotic than Photo 15, which is completely bottomless.
In Photo 21, the inner lips (minor labia) are completely spread to create a pussy butterfly by the wings of the pussy labia.
Her clitoris is nearly crushed from being pulled so hard, but the color change from the inner lips and the vaginal wall, to the virgin membrane scar fragment at the lower edge of the vaginal entrance is fantastic.
Photo 36 is a shot of her spread pussy from the rear downward. It is an interesting shot of the left labia with both the inner and outer lips spread. Comparing it with the not spread right inner and outer lips, it is very interesting to see the relationship between the inner and outer lips, the clitoral foreskin, the vaginal entrance, the vaginal opening, the vaginal canal, and so on.
In her case, only the inner lips are highly pigmented, which is one of the characteristics of her pussy. The triangle with the anus at the apex is a fantastic composition.
37, 38, 39, 40, 4 1 are all erotic and hot shots. We can see that her inner lips are quite thick and meaty.
Her overall mood in this photo series is coquettish and erotic, which is good.

She has THE longest, THICKEST, most GORGEOUS PUSSY LIPS I have ever seen in a perfect girl!!! :o

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