Doing The Dildo Twist

Doing The Dildo Twist

Autumn-Jade never stops amazing us. And she never stops thrilling the men who capture her on film. "One of the most fun things about shooting Autumn is having my face five inches from her concha. I feel like I'm in heaven. Still, it's tough to be a men's magazine photographer. I have to go home to beat off several times a day," says our ace lensman. This photo set was particularly challenging for both shooter and model. "Autumn is very playful," out camera guy tells us. "She is always suggesting new ways to pose so she can excite her fans even more." As you'll see, gentlemen, A-J twists herself here into shapes you've never imagined as she and Mister Dildo do the ramalamadingdong. But she never gets arty or foo-foo. Miss Autumn knows what we wanna see: her fabulous floppers, those incredible legs spread wide, that juicy twat and her fragrant browneye. Now that's jizzbiz!
Featuring: Autumn-Jade
Date: September 11th, 2023
Photos: 74

Member Comments

The boobs are good, of course, but it's the pussy that's awesome! Her pussy cracks accompanied by impressive deep clefts! (Photos 22, 23, 35, 37 )
It is the result of her full ,voluptuous and plump major labia (outer lips) on both sides. Her pussy is of the ultra-outer-lips dominant type.
Photo 32 is particularly spectacular!!
Her breasts cleavage are as if there is between her legs.
(Photos 32 and 36)
Her pussy type is ultra-outer-lips dominant, so her fleshy and meaty inner lips are usually hidden behind the outer lips, but in this series of photos, she is spreading her legs, so her hidden inner lips are partially exposed. They are very very erotic and sexy!!
You can see that her inner lips, which usually do not show much on the outside, are also quite large, fleshy and meaty.
(Photos 45, 46, 47, 48, 4 9, 50, 53,, 70, 71)
Especially in photos 48, 49, 50, 53, 70, 71,
we can appreciate the splendid erotic and sexy pussy butterflies.
Her inner lips are characteristically highly pigmented and brown, so her butterflies are also unique and distinctive.
Holy God almighty, she is THE most PERFECT GIRL I have ever seen in my life!!! I LOOOOOVE her HUGE TITS!!! :)

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