About Autumn Jade

Measurements 41-28-36
Bra Size 34-I
Height 5' 5"
Weight 121 lbs.
Birthday October 5th

There are two chapters to the Autumn-Jade story. The first chapter begins in 1998 when our photographers in Great Britain invited a 40-26-35 down-home gal from Huntsville, Alabama to pose at the SCORE Studio in London. Born October 5th, 1976 in Birmingham Alabama, Autumn was 21 years-old and a topless house dancer at Visions, a "no-touch" club in Huntsville. Before that, she was a bikini dancer. It was a lot better and a lot more money than her earlier job at a chicken factory in Decatur. Instead of deboning chickens, Autumn was giving men boners. She remembered her first time. She was 18. "It was awful. I felt so sick. It was very embarrassing. I remember I had this big ole shirt on and a sports bra and I really didn't know what to do. I just kinda hung on to the pole, walked around it and smiled. I thought I would never do it again. But I made a whole bunch of money plus when I was up there, I heard guys saying, 'Wow! Check out them big, ole boobs.' That's all I heard. It sure beat cutting legs off chickens! Later when I went topless, they went really crazy!"

She was Jade as a dancer but when she got to London, the studio chief, John Graham, felt that there were too many Jades in circulation and recommended another name so she added the name Autumn and became Autumn-Jade. Autumn-Jade measured 36DDD at the time. Autumn's first Voluptuous magazine was October '98. She was the covergirl and center spread. Autumn's first SCORE magazine was December '98. During her London visits, she also tried a few girl-girls, one with Linsey Dawn McKenzie (Linsey's Lezzie Seduction on DVD in Best of Linsey), one with Chloe Vevrier (on DVD as Best of Bosom Buddies #2 and also Best of Chloe Vevrier) and a third with Russian Kathy aka Katarina Nakita, a Russian living in London (on DVD as Best of Bosom Buddies). "If I ever get to travel to America, I would visit Autumn in Alabama. I still receive compliments on the lineup photographs we all did," Kathy said, referring to a classic police lineup pictorial published in August '99 SCORE. The lineup, against a taped wall like they have at police stations, was Autumn, Chloe, Linsey, Kathy and Jessica Turner.

In the Linsey video, Autumn is looking at a layout of Linsey when she falls asleep and Linsey appears in a dream. This was also the first hardcore girl-girl for Linsey Dawn McKenzie. The pairing of the established London superstar and the country girl from America new to big-bust modeling was a major event. In the Chloe scene, Autumn is a rebellious schoolgirl disciplined by headmistress Chloe (perfect casting for this story). The Autumn-Kathy paring is a bedroom lezzie sex date in which Kathy fucks Autumn from behind with a strap-on cock, amongst other horny activities. "It was my first time with a strap on. I am glad I didn't use the big one, though. The little one was great. I can't handle them too big. It's just not as good. That strap-on sex with Kathy was fun." About Linsey, Autumn recalled her as "She's very elegant and proper. She's really cool. She tastes good... sweet!" And remembering Chloe, Autumn said, "It was much easier doing it with Chloe because she kind of took over. I like that. She was the boss. She definitely took over and I liked that." As far as guys, Autumn did not want to do a sex scene with the cock. That would take place a few years later and in America. SCORE booked Autumn in late 1999 to sail on Boob Cruise 2000, the fifth voyage in late April 2000. But when SCORE tried to contact her, her phone number in Huntsville was no longer in service and her address was no longer valid. Autumn had moved with no forwarding address and phone. The Boob Cruise sadly sailed without Autumn, her whereabouts a mystery.

Time passed. In the spring of 2001, a SCORE editor set out to see if he could find and contact Autumn. He spoke to different club owners in Alabama and left messages for her with them. A few months later, Autumn phoned our offices in Miami. She was dancing at a club called Platinum Place in Memphis, Tennessee and the word had gotten to her that SCORE wanted to speak to her. We asked Autumn to send us some fresh photos. She did and we were astounded by what we saw. Autumn had gained weight and it looked like a lot of it had gone to her chest. Usually when a model gains weight, it often signals the beginning of the end of her career, but in Autumn's case, all that fresh poundage went to all the right places. She was shapelier and bustier but not flabby or overweight-looking. She had filled out beautifully and was no longer the thin country girl with big tits. Autumn flew to Miami where she was photographed for the first time. Autumn's bra size was now 34I and she measured 41-28-36. Her talents at modeling had also increased immeasurably and her rapport with the camera was even more intimate. Autumn was more relaxed and self-confident. She also has the rare talent that Linsey, Chloe, Sarenna Lee and several other greats have of making the viewer feel as though she is directly communicating with him.

The "new" Autumn-Jade appeared first on SCORELAND and then in February 2002 SCORE and March 2002 Voluptuous magazines to great acclaim by her old fans and new fans. Some of the comments that flew in included: "Autumn's growth spurt...wow! She has always been one of my favorites but she is even better now. I think all around she looks better then she ever has. I also think she looks happier then she ever has looked which is a good thing." "Please pass on my enthusiastic two thumbs up for Autumn's new bustier appearance. She looks like a horny teenager's wet dream given warm form!" Another thing that had changed was Autumn's reluctance to do a sex scene with a man which led to the special movie Ultimate Autumn. Autumn had matured sexually as well as physically. Autumn was back and hotter than ever. In this DVD, Autumn-Jade went to "boot camp" as an enlistee where she was drilled by her drill sargeant. She also met Lilith and the two of them had a torrid fling in the SCORE dressing room. They stroll hand-in-hand to the dressing room for one of the best bra shows SCORE's ever filmed.

Later on, Autumn met black superstar Sierra and the two had a sex party that became the centerpiece of the DVD Bosom Buddies 4. Another breast sensation was Autumn's pair-off with Annie Swanson for the DVD Bosom Buddies 5. For the movie SCORE Xtra 7, Autumn goes to the doctor at the world-famous SCORE Medical Clinic because her idiot boyfriend tells her that her pussy is too small. The doctor has to see for himself and blows a gasket when he sees her incredible body. He fucks Autumn on his exam table in a hot scene that redefines health care.

The ultimate southern-girl-next-door will show you on this website why she's one of SCORE's greatest models ever. We leave you with the words of G.C., a longtime SCORE Man. "Autumn has developed in my eyes into the most desirable woman on the net. Thank you for brightening up at least one man's life in this God-awful world we now live in." Autumn-Jade rules!